Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


  • Can I become a member of ČAD if I am not Czech / not studying in a Czech language PhD program?

Yes :) anyone who is enrolled in doctoral studies at a university in the Czech Republic can become a member, regardless of their nationality, language, and form (full-time / combined) of their program.

  • How much does the annual membership fee in ČAD costs?

The membership in ČAD is 100% free :) 


  • How can I help ČAD, if I don't have much time?

Spreading the word about ČAD among your friends and colleagues  also doing a PhD (especially to people just starting) or those who are considering to pursue a PhD in the Czech Republic is a great help!


  • How can I be more active in the Association?

If as a ČAD member you want to be more actively involved, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. There is also a annual General Assembly where you can be candidate for a member in the Board.


  • Study obligation

Your study obligation are specified in the Individual study plan (ISP). This plan is set up by the doctoral researcher (after consultation with the supersivos). The fulfillment of the eplan is monitored by various mechanisms which vary based on the specific institution. It is important to familiarize yourself with these details before you start your studies, including the aspects regarding possible penalties when the plan is not fulfilled.

ISP is binding document and all obligations necessary for the completion of the doctoral studies are included in it. You have the right to refuse any extra "obligations" not included in the plan - you should not feel the obligation to always agree to the demands of your supervisor or other senior colleague.

Usual duties demanded beyond the ISP are teaching, administrative work for the department / institution etc. - these activities should be rewarded extra on top of the monthly doctoral stipend.