About ČAD and contacts

The Czech Association of Doctoral Researchers (ČAD) is a registered association that brings together people pursuing doctoral programs in the Czech Republic.

Official Czech name: Česká asociace doktorandek a doktorandů, z. s.

Registered seat: Strážní 1344/20, Žižkov, 130 00 Praha 3

Identification number: 05363241 


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The aim of the association is to improve the quality and conditions of doctoral studies in the Czech Republic, to create a space for sharing Ph.D. experiences across disciplines and within individual disciplines, to increase doctoral researchers' awareness of study and professional opportunities and to help Ph.D. researchers improve their own professional skills.

ČAD strives to achieve this goal through the following activities:

  • Identification of problems related to the quality and conditions of doctoral studies
    • mapping the situation on the national level (discussions with Ph.D. researchers, academics, decision-makers)
    • comparison with the situation abroad
  • Solving practical aspects of doctoral studies that affect its quality, intensity and length
    • in particular, addressing income (scholarships / salaries), study obligations, student / employee status, maternity / parental "leave", etc.
  • Communication with bodies deciding on the conception of doctoral studies in the Czech Republic
    • dialogue with the relevant authorities and individual academic institutions
    • issuing of opinions and calls for solutions to identified problems
    • commenting on legislation
  • Raising awareness of doctoral researchers about the functioning of the academic environment
    • creating both virtual and physical platforms for meetings and mutual sharing of information of doctoral researchers from all disciplines and workplaces
    • through websites, facebook pages, regular meetings and special events (conferences, seminars)
  • Organizing seminars, trainings and workshops focused on the development of professional skills (according to the demand of members of ČAD)



JŠ       Jakub Šindelář, FSV UK






  mp   Marie Přibylová, FF UK 





     Foto ZbyněkZbyněk Mucha, FF UK






Members of the board:

Foto Klára Šárovcová   Klára Šárovcová, FF UK









Association statutes

ČAD Electoral Rules

Press release on the establishment of the association (in Czech only)