V rámci valného shromáždění proběhnou i volby do předsednictva. Sledujete aktivity ČAD a rádi byste se do nich více zapojili? Budeme moc rádi, když se k nám přidáte a předsednictvo rozšíříte! Více info najdete na pozvánce.


Termíny informačních schůzek pro zájemce o členství v předsednictvu

Chcete-li nejprve zjistit, jak se do chodu ČAD zapojit, nebo co členství v předsednictvu obnáší, připravili jsme pro Vás neformální informační online setkání se současným...

We are very happy to announce the publication of ČAD's guide for new PhD researchers to which many of our members have contributed and helped with its creation. Although the document is currently only in Czech, we believe that the result of the several-month collaborative effort will serve as a useful tool for those who are about to start their doctorates. If you know of someone who could use it, we will be very grateful if you help by sharing it!

We will further update the guide in the future and incorporate further comments and feedback. That being said, we have already noticed and are...

The Czech Association of PhD Researchers (ČAD) welcomes the activities of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports aimed at the gradual implementation of the Strategic plan of the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports 2021+.

As part of the reform of doctoral study funding, ČAD considers it necessary to provide students in doctoral study programs with conditions enabling them to devote themselves fully to the dissertation research, prevent the creation of abysmal income differences between these doctoral students and at the same time guarantee sufficient social security protection...

The ČAD Board recently initiated a more pronounced collaboration with the Student Chamber of the Council of HEIs (SK RVŠ). In their program declaration (in Czech only) the Chamber aims to push the norm of treating doctoral researchers as early career researchers, not just students. Together with ČAD, the chamber supports the idea of the doctoral researchers' employment initiatives and acknowledges the urgency of their social security coverage.

The willingness to join our efforts was expressed in the Memorandum of Understanding (in Czech only), signed by the ČAD Chair, Šárka Lojdová and the...

On December 3, 2020, due to the persistent effects of the pandemic situation and related countermeasures, we addressed a second open letter to the Czech Conference of Rectors and to the Council of Universities, where we appeal for revision of individual study plans, sufficient information of doctoral students and non-discrimination of doctoral students in English-language programs.

The full text of the letter can be found below.

On October 14, we addressed an open letter to the Czech Conference of Rectors and to the Council of Universities to ensure that, during the current state of emergency the doctoral students are treated as early career researchers, regardless of whether or not they have a formal employee status at their university. By no means do we want to question the legitimacy of the measures in place. However, we call for doctoral students not to face more obstacles in terms of their research than this situation brings to other academic staff.

The text of the letter can be found below.

On 30 June 2020, the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports approved its' Strategic Plan for Higher Education for the period from 2021.


An important part is the chapter devoted to doctoral studies. Increasing the quality and effectiveness of doctoral studies is one of the main priorities of the strategic plan.