Support for Students and Researchers from Ukraine

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If you personally are a student or a researcher from Ukraine or know somebody in this situation, you might be interested in the support provided by the Young Scientists Council and the Scholar Support Office of Ukraine.

The Young Scientists Council under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (RMU)  is a consultative and advisory body created to promote the realization of the constitutional rights of young scientists regarding their participation in the formation and implementation of state policy in the field of scientific, technical and innovative activities. 

The main tasks of the Young Scientists Council are

  • to promote cooperation between the Ministry of Education and Science and self-governing scientific youth organizations of scientific institutions and higher educational institutions of Ukraine;
  • to form proposals for the creation of legal and socio-economic conditions for attracting talented youth to work in the scientific field, stimulating the professional activity of young scientists in Ukrainian scientific institutions and higher educational institutions, increasing their professional level and realizing their creative and professional activity;
  • to support young scientists in matters of scientific research, cooperation with foreign customers of scientific products, etc.;
  • to promote the involvement of young scientists in participation in competitions of scientific works, the formation of collectives of young scientists for the implementation of scientific projects.

The Scholar Support Office (SSO) is a structural unit of the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technical Expertise and Information. SSO serves as Scholar/Research Promotion Agency, dedicated to implementation of research and innovation policy. Its goal is also to promote technology-enabled innovation in Ukraine and in cooperation with international partners.
The goal of the Scholar Support Office is to create conditions and opportunities for realizing the intellectual potential of Ukrainian citizens in the field of science and innovation.

Scholar Support Office’s activity vectors are:

  • Support of career development of researchers
  • Advocacy of interests of scientists in Ukraine
  • Science outreach & public engagement
  • Development of effective partnerships
  • Cooperation with the scientific diaspora