ČAD at the Quality Evaluation of the Universities Conference (HKVS)

Panel HKVS o Reformě a podmínkách doktorandů

26. - 27. 5. 2022 the Quality Evaluation of the Universities Conference (HKVS) took place in Telč. ČAD was represented in two panels.

Our chair Šárka talked on the topic of "Social (In)security of Doctoral Researchers" in the panel about the ongoing reform of doctoral education and the conditions of doctoral researchers.

Jakub had a presentation on the "Lessons from France and the Netherland in the area of doctoral education" in the panel about The experience and standards from abroad for quality in doctoral programs. 

A short report from the conference (in Czech only) can be found at the web of Masaryk University. 

The recording from the first day as well as the recording from the second day are available online.